In the mix: YleX XmiX 16/09/2011

Here’s my guest mix for DJ Orion’s XmiX show on YleX radio. Show was aired in September 2011. Deep techy house, enjoy!
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In the mix: Tech-houseduction

Promo mix from 2004. Back then it was 100% vinyl. Enjoy! Read more

The evolution of DJ De Sousa’s website

Following a 2 years lifespan of a website it was again time for a redesign. As I don’t have anymore time to do any freelance web design I just terminated my web hosting accounts. This also meant that I had to move this site to a free platform, and choose a ready template rather designing my own.

Anyway, as this is fourth version of my site, I thought that it would be cool to make a post of the evolution of DJ De Sousa’s website with screenshots of each version. So here you go:
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