You may have heard one or two of the names Sami de Sousa, De Souza, D’Souza, Deepsoul or Forrest Hump. They all are DJ alter egos of Sami Hyytiä from Finland, who has been a regular face in the club scene of Helsinki for many years. He has been playing in Playground, Venue, Mbar, Rose Garden and Beatroot to name a few, and he has also been seen on the line-ups of Koneisto and Konemetsä festivals.

Be it from house, techno or electronica to hip hop, soul and funk, Sami’s sound manifests itself in many forms; Versatile but selective musical range goes from soulful to raw while still keeping it always deep, and when required with reputable bounce and groovy bass, which will surely make you dance like there’s no tomorrow. It’s a consistent mixture of southern warmth and northern melancholy when this half Brazilian half Finnish bloke takes you to a musical journey hard to forget.