In the mix: Eyes Wide Shut

I have way too rarely time to do mixes or even play just for the fun of it at home. Of course live mixes are always best option but lately I’ve been doing gigs only as my soulful hip hop alter ego, Forrest Hump, so I haven’t had a chance to play electronic music on my gigs since last September.

Yesterday I somehow found some spare time and had a chance to do a fresh mix. Well maybe not so fresh because I ended up playing more older stuff than brand new tunes, but that’s the way I like it: good mixture of old and new so it’s still quite good showcase of my current sound. Something like this will be heard when I’ll be Diggin’ Deep at Beatroot on March, but slightly more on the deeper tip. Hope ya like it!

[gigya src=”″ width=”100%” height=”400″]